The Glamour House is a local cosmetic brand that empowers and celebrates YOUR unique beauty by creating high quality, fuss-free makeup.

We want every Glam Babe to feel empowered not by changing their face but by putting on something that will highlight their favorite features. 

We want them to embrace their own unique beauty and give emphasis to the things they love most about themselves.

Our makeup is not a mask. It’s an add-on that takes YOUR beauty to the next level.

Created in August 2020, The Glamour House was launched to change what it means to wear makeup. The usual view is that makeup is worn to hide your flaws and make yourself more desirable to other people. Well, not in this house. 

In this house, we say that putting on makeup should be for no one else except for yourself. It should highlight your favorite features, reflect your personality, and celebrate your uniqueness. 

We have built this house from the ground up. Each product we create does two things: 1) solve a problem and 2) tell a story.

The story of this house is a story of redefining the meaning of glamour turning into something that’s fuss-free but works instantly.